Aussie Meat Pie

I might get my citizenship removed for calling this an ‘Aussie’ meat pie. As a New Zealander, a ready-to-eat meat pie feels just as much Kiwi as it does Aussie. But, semantics aside, we’d all agree the meat pie is i-c-o-n-i-c. And contender for the ultimate hangover food.

Like burgers, there’s a spectrum of quality when it comes to pies. They can be high-end, prepared with fancy organic ingredients, the flakiest of flakey pastry, and with every bite perfection.

They can also be ultra-processed, the meat suspended in a gelatinous medium, the pastry terrible, the pie sitting under a gas station food warmer for longer than what’s food-safe…and yet still perfection.

Tis’ the magic of the meat pie.

Aussie and Kiwi meat pies will typically contain minced meat in gravy, sometimes with extra goodies in the mix like cheese, onion or mushroom. Steak’s another classic, but never forget the true OG is mince.

This meat pie was from a generic bakery in Sydney, Australia. The only thing missing from this shot was a dollop of tomato sauce smack centre overtop.

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