When it comes to famed Aussie foods, barramundi is a top contender alongside classics like lamingtons and meat pies. This buttery fish has earned its place in Australians’ hearts (and stomachs) everywhere, from low-key family BBQs to upscale fine-dining establishments.

A unique feature of this fish is its firm white flesh and large meaty flakes, which make it perfect for a variety of cooking styles, like grilling and barbecuing over high heat. The end result? Delectably crispy skin that will make your taste buds sing…swoon.

As demand for barramundi continues to soar, many Australian fish farms have committed to sustainable practices to ensure the species remains plentiful ahead. So, to ensure everyone gets their fix, a significant amount is imported from overseas!

For a truly authentic barramundi dining experience, head to Sydney’s acclaimed seafood market, where you can find a variety of stalls serving up the freshest catch of the day. We devoured a whole fish overtop a bed of rice – check out that crispy skin!

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