French Onion Soup

A beautiful, iconic French soup lovingly built on meat stock (typically beef) and onions – a lot of onions. Good luck trying not to cry when slicing.

To make; onions are slowly cooked until deeply caramelised, becoming sweet and jammy, with a nice, dark and even brown colour. Of course, caramelisation means flavour, so time must be taken to build a delicious, deep, flavourful base – don’t rush the onions.

Finished steaming bowls of French onion soup are often served gratinéed. This is where gruyère cheese (commonly) is broiled or baked overtop a piece of bread or croûte – usually until gloriously golden – then placed on the soups surface, sitting pretty like a cheesy little French beret. While soup served alone is delicious, this addition truly elevates it to a god-like state.

I ate (slurped?) my French onion soup at a chic Parisian bistro somewhere along the Seine river. 

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