In gelato’s motherland, there’s no better accomplice on a dreamy Italian summer’s day than a scoop of the good stuff. 

However, not all gelato is equal – preparation is a craft and skill, and just because one’s enjoying a scoop in Italy doesn’t mean it’s authentic (or even that tasty!). 

Some gelateria pass off average, factory-made as the real deal; whereas we want artisan, fresh and handmade anew each morning – and boo to sub-par gelato when in Rome! Always:

  • Select muted colours, avoid bright or fluorescent: high natural ingredient proportions mean little or no added colours. Bananas aren’t bright yellow, so neither should be banana gelato.
  • Check for fruit flavours in season: they should be!
  • Look for displayed ingredient lists: a clear sign of a gelateria’s commitment to quality.
  • Opt for lidded gelato served in flat metal tins: ideally with lids, and avoiding plastic tubs. Lids are a good sign as it showcases respect for the product – the gelato is being held at the perfect temperature.
  • This gelato was from FataMorgana in Rome. The basil flavour had real specks of basil!

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