Halo-halo: a treat so nice, you say it twice. When the sun is scorching and you’re dripping with sweat, you’ll want to cool down with this popular and icy Filipino dessert.

Made with finely shaved ice and an array of rainbow ingredients – like strips of coconut, fruit jellies, sago, ube jam, leche flan, corn, rice cereal and tapioca pearls – halo-halos can be diverse in flavour and texture, making each rendition a little unique.

Translated as ‘mix-mix’, halo-halo is meant to be stirred right before you eat it. This marries everything together into a technicolour medley of chewy, soft, creamy, crispy and more.

Find halo-halo all over the Phillipines, from street carts in plastic takeaway cups or restaurants in tall elegant glasses, with popularity soaring during the summer months. We enjoyed the pictured halo-halo from Calle Luna in Silay City, Negros.

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