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Welcome to the July edition of Recipe Club! This month, we're making homemade jam with a twist. This fruity jam uses chia seeds to thicken, reducing the need for excess sugar. Not only is it healthier, but it also retains the natural flavors of fresh fruit. Let's get started!

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Welcome to Nourish & Tempt’s Recipe Club. This friendly competition is all about encouraging you to have fun in the kitchen while trying delicious, nutritious and exciting recipes.

Meet Recipe Club

Every month, I’ll handpick a recipe from Nourish & Tempt. Each recipe showcase’s a nifty culinary technique and highlights a key nutritional aspect, helping you grow your kitchen skills and understanding of nutrition.

You can make the dish for your eating pleasure alone, or enter to win the monthly competition. Check out July’s recipe and prize details below.

How to participate

  1. Make the challenge recipe and take a photo of the completed dish
  2. Email your entry to recipeclub@nourishandtempt.com with the subject line “Recipe Club Entry”
  3. Entry must include your name, where you live and the photo of the completed dish
  4. Submissions close on the last day of the month.

Check out the Recipe Club FAQ for full challenge details.

June Recap

The winner of June’s culinary book prize pack was Michelene from the USA!🇺🇸

Congratulations Michelene, and a big thank you to those who gave the plant-based chocolate mousse recipe a go. I absolutely loved seeing your snaps🥰.

July’s Recipe

This month’s recipe is a Nutritious Blueberry and Orange Chia Jam, a fruit-packed and lower-sugar swap for traditional jam. Prepared quickly over the stovetop, enjoy as you would with any jam—smear over warm toast, add to plain unsweetened yoghurt, dollop overtop of porridge or spoon over pancakes.


  1. How chia seeds can be used as a natural thickener. Traditional jams rely on sugar to draw out pectin from the fruit, which thickens the jam as it cools. In this recipe, chia seeds replace sugar and pectin as the primary thickener (while still being sweet enough, promise!). How so? The fibre in chia seeds absorb liquid, forming a gel-like consistency, naturally thickening the jam.
  2. Letting the natural flavours of fruit shine. Traditional jams can have a bright fruit flavor, but the high sugar content can sometimes overshadow the natural taste of the fruit. Using fresh or frozen berries, with minimal added sugar, helps retains more of the fruit’s natural flavour. Taste a spoonful and you’ll see what I mean!
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Nutritious Blueberry & Orange Chia Seed Jam
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The Prize

Calling all zero-waste enthusiasts! If you’re after practical and eco-friendly ways to store leftovers, pack lunches, or organise your kitchen, you’ll love July’s prize—a 6-piece Stasher Silicone Storage Bag set. These award-winning bags are endlessly reusable and super functional. Here’s why I love them:

  • They’re super durable, oven-safe up to 425°F/215°C, stove top-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-friendly. Their clever seal ensures they are completely leak-proof, perfect for storing liquids and preventing spills.
  • Reuse them again and again. Practical and environmentally sustainable, they offer an alternative to single-use plastic bags. They’re versatile, ideal for sous vide cooking, marinating, and meal prep.
  • They’re high quality and cleverly designed. Made with platinum food-grade silicone, they’re free from lead, latex, BPA, and BPS. Flexible and compact, they take up less space in your kitchen drawers and storage compared to traditional plastic containers.

Best of Luck!

I’m looking forward to seeing your entries. I hope you enjoy making the recipe, and most importantly—happy eating.

Danijela xx

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