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Welcome to the June edition of Recipe Club! This month's recipe is a fun one: avocado chocolate mousse. Learn how to use food science to create the perfect, dreamy mousse-like consistency.

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Welcome to Nourish & Tempt’s Recipe Club. This friendly competition is all about encouraging you to have fun in the kitchen while trying delicious, nutritious and exciting recipes.

Meet Recipe Club

Every month, I’ll handpick a recipe from Nourish & Tempt. Each recipe will showcase a nifty culinary technique and highlight a key nutritional aspect, helping you grow your kitchen skills and understanding of nutrition.

You can make the dish for your eating pleasure alone, or enter to win the monthly competition. Check out June’s recipe and prize details below.

How to participate

  1. Make the challenge recipe and take a photo of the completed dish
  2. Email your entry to recipeclub@nourishandtempt.com with the subject line “Recipe Club Entry”
  3. Entry must include your name, where you live and the photo of the completed dish
  4. Submissions close on the last day of the month.

Check out the Recipe Club FAQ for full challenge details.

May Recap

The winner of May’s Recipe Club was Emma from New Zealand!🇦🇺

Congratulations Emma, and a big thank you to those who gave the risotto recipe a go. As always, I absolutely loved seeing your photos🥰.

June’s Recipe

This month’s recipe is this Nourishing 5-Minute Avocado Chocolate Mousse. Avocado what you say?! That’s rightblend five ingredients in a food processor, then chill, and you’re left with a delicious plant-based and dairy-free chocolate mousse.


  1. How different types fat can come together to create incredible texture. This mousse utilises the natural fats in both avocados and coconut milk to achieve a creamy, mousse-like consistency. When chilled, the saturated fat in coconut milk solidifies, firming things up, while the heart-healthy fats in avocado helps create a smooth, velvety texture.
  2. Masking and balancing flavours. This recipe showcases how strong, but complementary, flavours (like cacao powder and maple syrup) can enhance and transform the taste profile of ingredients that might otherwise dominate (the avocado). This is a goldilocks scenario, as we don’t want things to get overly sweet or bitter—rather, just right👌.
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Nourishing 5-Minute Avocado Chocolate Mousse (Vegan)
Head over to the recipe page to make this recipe for the challenge!
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The Prize

For June’s prize, I’ve handpicked four incredible culinary books to inspire your kitchen journey (RRP: $195 NZD). Each one is beloved in my household and offers a wealth of knowledge, from mastering essential cooking techniques to exploring the science and art of flavour.

  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ by Samin Nosrat. An absolute bible, that’s beautifully communicated. In it, discover the four essentials elements of good cooking—salt, fat, acid, and heat—and how to master them to transform your food.
  • ‘The Flavour Thesaurus’ by Niki Segnit. An inspiration and creative guide to flavour pairings, showcasing why certain flavours work well together. Perfect for the adventurous cook wanting to explore.
  • ‘On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen’ by Harold McGee. A total classic, and one to nerd out on. This book dives deep into the science behind where foods come from, what they’re made of, and how cooking transforms them into something new and delicious.
  • ‘The Art of Fermentation’ by Sandor Ellix Katz. The definitive guide to fermenting foods at home. This book is jam-packed with all the need-to-know’s on a fermenting journey, from theory through to practice.

Best of Luck!

I can’t wait to see your entries. I hope you enjoy making the recipe, and most importantly—happy eating.

Danijela xx

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    • Hi there, thanks for your interest :). To enter:
      1. Make the challenge recipe and take a photo of the completed dish.
      2. Email your entry to recipeclub@nourishandtempt.com with the subject line “Recipe Club Entry”. The entry must include your name, where you live (just the country) and the photo of the completed dish.

      Submissions close on the last day of the month.

      I hope you enjoy the dish if you give it a go! 🙂