2-Ingredient Mango Coconut Milk Ice Cream (Vegan)


(Updated 10/23/23)

This no added sugar vegan ice cream recipe requires only 2 simple ingredients: chunks of frozen mango and canned coconut milk. Ready in 5 minutes, it’s wildly easy to whip-up (no ice cream machine needed!) and makes for a deliciously creamy and fruity healthy idea for dessert — a real winner.

A birds-eye photo of mango coconut ice cream with pieces of mango to the side and a loaded ice cream scoop

Dreaming of the tropics? Whisk your tastebuds away with this luscious and all-too-easy homemade coconut milk ice cream.

It features frozen mango, which, when blended with splashes of coconut milk, creates an instant ice cream-like texture that’s creamy, yet light – a textural oxymoron. And here’s the best part: it’s a no churn ice cream, requiring just a food processor to whizz up.

As a Registered Nutritionist, I love sharing healthy dessert recipes that cater to different dietary preferences. This one’s especially a goodie for those vegan or with a dairy intolerance (if that’s you, and you love a creamy dessert, make sure to check out this vegan chocolate mousse too!).

The ingredients needed for mango coconut ice cream including mango and frozen coconut milk

Gather Ingredients

  • Frozen cubed mango. Typically found in the supermarket freezer section where the frozen fruit sits. If mangoes are in seasonal surplus you can make your own by peeling and cubing fresh mango, then freezing until rock hard.
  • Coconut milk, cream or yoghurt. Choose your adventure here. Each works well and will impart subtle variations. Coconut yoghurt brings a hint of tang (amazing!), coconut cream dials up the richness, and coconut milk is a little lighter and less rich overall.

Mangoes not too sweet?🥭 This no added sugar recipe celebrates the natural sweetness of mango. However, if your mangoes aren’t ripe enough or you’d just like to dial up the sweetness, feel free to add maple syrup or a sugar substitute to taste. Extra sweetness can actually make the mango flavour more pronounced!

Step-by-Step: How to Make Mango Coconut Ice Cream

Add the frozen mango cubes into a food processer. Secure the lid.
Blitz together until it resembles a chunky crumb-like consistency.
Blitzed frozen mango and coconut milk.
Add the coconut milk/cream/yoghurt. Secure the lid again.
Blended frozen mango and coconut milk in a smooth consistency.
Blend until thick and creamy. Enjoy immediately or freeze for a few hours.

Kitchen Tips

Here are tips and tricks to help your kitchen skills grow, while improving the outcome of this dish:

  • Blitz the mango to a crumb first. This will take the load off your food processor, helping the mango and coconut later combine quicker and more smoothly.
  • Keep a spatula handy. As the ingredients blend, you’ll get build up on the sides of the machine. Periodically pause to scrap down, so they evenly mix.
  • Don’t over-blend! What makes this dairy-free ice cream an instant-eat is the frozen mango. The longer blended, the more heat generated, the more likely the mix will soften to gloop.
A close up of mango coconut milk ice cream showing 3 ice cream balls and a ice cream scoop.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy immediately for a dreamy soft-serve consistency (my pick). Alternatively, if you prefer a firmer scoop-able texture, transfer it into a freezer-friendly container and freeze for a few hours. If left longer, like overnight, you’ll need to let it thaw on the countertop for 20-60 minutes before scooping.

You can enjoy this two-ingredient recipe as is, or feel free to springboard off it to other flavour variations. Here are mix-in or topping ideas that’d work well:

  • Ground cardamom: Blend in a pinch for a subtle spice (mango lassi, anyone?).
  • Lime zest: Shower with freshly grated lime zest for a bright zingy garnish.
  • Chopped macadamia nuts: Fold through for a buttery crunch #fancy.
  • Toasted coconut: Sprinkle overtop for a glorious nutty, toasty crunch.
  • Finely chopped mint leaves: For a burst of minty freshness.
  • A small pinch of salt. To amplify the natural sweetness and flavour of mango. You need just a teeny amount, or you might end up with salty ice cream (never okay, unless we’re talking salted caramel).

Nutrition Q&A

What are the nutritional benefits of mango? Mangoes are not only delicious, but also pack a nutritious punch. One cup offers up:

  • A rich source of vitamin C, or roughly 67% of the recommended daily intake. Vitamin C is essential for supporting a robust immune system, aiding in wound healing, and assisting iron absorption (1).
  • A plethora of polyphenols, including anthocyanin and mangiferin, which act as antioxidants to protect our cells against free radicals (2). Mangiferin has been toted as particularly powerful (3), although further research is needed.
  • Gut-loving fibre. A cup of mango provides a little over 3g of dietary fibre, or a roughly 10% of the recommend daily intake.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy this simple recipe🥭.

2-Ingredient Mango Coconut Milk Ice Cream (Vegan)

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: 2 people


Base ingredients

  • 2 cups frozen cubed mango
  • ½ cup coconut milk, coconut cream or coconut yoghurt

Optional variations

  • A pinch of ground cardamon, blend in for flavour
  • A small pinch of salt, blend in to amplify flavour
  • Maple syrup, blend in to sweeten (start with 1 tsp per cup mango)
  • Chopped macadamia nuts, fold through after blending
  • A sprinkling of lime zest, to garnish
  • A sprinkling of toasted shredded coconut, to garnish
  • A sprinkling of finely chopped mint, to garnish


  • Add the frozen mango to a food processor. Blitz until it resembles chunky crumbs.
  • Add the coconut milk/yoghurt/cream and blitz again until smooth. Be careful not to over blend!
  • Enjoy immediately, or place in a freezer-proof container and freeze for 2 hours until a scoop-able consistency.

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  1. 5 stars
    This was delicious!! I did the coconut yoghurt version and the consistency was perfect. I didn’t add any extra sweetener as I’m currently avoiding added sugars, and found it was sweet enough. Thank you for sharing.