Welcome to Nourish & Tempt!

I’m Danijela, a New Zealand Registered Nutritionist. Here, you’ll find simple, nutritious recipes that (hopefully) tempt you into the kitchen; as well as musing on wellbeing. Whether you’re a new or returning visitor (thank you!), I hope my corner of the internet provides additional tools or inspiration on your own food journey.

I began sharing recipes and nutrition tidbits online during a bumpy health patch. The kitchen served as a wonderful playground to learn more about nutrition, and a love of the culinary world formed. A first idea shared was a ‘chunky’ green soup, unintentionally reminiscent of baby food – it was so thick you could have tipped the bowl upside down, and the contents stay put!

Fortunately, things have progressed. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and went to culinary school to scratch my foodie itch. My professional work has spanned almost a decade across nutrition practice, community nutrition and workplace wellbeing, developing skills and understanding in applying nutritional principles in real time. I’ve cooked a lot (some great dishes, many terrible…it’s how we learn!), and enjoyed venturing down a path that includes creative work in the nutrition and food industry.

Nourish & Tempt is a passion project encouraging curiosity, fun and good health in the kitchen

Here, you’ll find:

  • An ever-growing collection of everyday recipes that feature simple, accessible ingredients; found at your local supermarket.
  • Recipes that are suitable and adjustable to dietary preferences.
  • Nutritionally considered and crafted ideas, with taste as a driving force. Food is a source of pleasure and it’s the ethos behind the name Nourish & Tempt!
  • Nutrition and wellbeing articles, often inspired by conversations with clients.
  • Foods that celebrate heritage, culture and old-world craft – I indulge my love of food and travel on the ‘Just for Fun’ page and occasional travel blog.

My nutrition philosophy is evolving as I learn, but for the most part:

Keep it simple We’re often bombarded with conflicting, and unnecessarily complicated, nutritional advice. My mission is to help simplify what healthier eating means; with evidence-based guidance and realistic strategies (and a kind dose of common sense against nonsensical fad diets!).

Keep it personal There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health. If a way of eating works for one, it may not for you. Our body is our best barometer, and it’s important to check in with it regularly. Always consider your individual preferences, lifestyle and budget when tailoring how you eat.

Keep it flexible I recommend against all-or-nothing mentalities or having foods unnecessarily off-limits. To wildly generalise: life is short, eat the cake – but keep in mind, balance is important too! I believe the consistency of habit supports health; not perfectionism or what we do on occasion.

Keep it (largely) whole Celebrate natural or minimally processed foods, and with a plant-forward approach – but with room to enjoy whatever else you feel like!

Keep it in context Good health encompasses more than just nutrition; like our mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being too. No matter what we eat, if we’re not moving our body or are chronically stressed, this will impact how we feel.

Consider Environmental impact Sustainable food and nutrition are topics of urgent global importance. Reduce food waste at home, celebrate seasonal produce, mindfully consume, and think about your food’s provenance (its origin, how it was produced, transported and delivered).

Enjoy your food Food is meant to be enjoyed. It’s an anchor that brings us together to socialise and connect; with deep cultural ties, nostalgia and pleasure tied to what we eat. Overindulging in a grazing platter or having one too many glasses of rosé while laughing with friends can be food for the soul!

my nutrition credentials and qualifications

Bachelor of Science
Double Major in Human Nutrition & Physiology
Massey University, NZ

Registered Nutritionist
Fields of Expertise – Practice & Nutrition Communication
Nutrition Society of New Zealand

Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition and Food Trends
Le Cordon Bleu, London

Level 3 Award
Supervising Food Safety & Hygiene – Retail
Royal Society of Public Health, London

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