Editorial Policy

Nourish and Tempt is committed to delivering you with reliable, high-quality recipes that are nutritionally considered, accompanied by accurate nutrition information. To consistently meet these standards, the editorial guidelines below are followed:

Evidence-Based Nutrition

  • The content on Nourish and Tempt, including all nutrition information, is authored by Registered Nutritionist Danijela Armitage. As a university-qualified nutritionist, Danijela has expertise to translate scientific information into practical nutrition principles.
  • Nourish and Tempt’s follows an evidence-based approach when sharing nutrition information. This means providing nutritional recommendations grounded in scientific research, and supporting this with appropriate scientific citations where required.
  • Scientific evidence is derived from well-conducted, peer-reviewed studies and validated research. As new nutrition guidelines emerge, content on Nourish and Tempt will be revised to include up-to-date information.
  • Please review Nourish and Tempt’s disclaimer for important information regarding the nutrition information on this website. A reminder, all information is of a general nature only and not intended to constitute personal medical, nutritional or food safety advice of any kind.

Authenticity and Originality

  • All content on Nourish and Tempt, including recipes, images and words, is proudly human-generated. While spell-check or grammar correction tools may sometimes be employed for basic copy-editing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not used to produce content at Nourish and Tempt.
  • The development of recipes draws on inspiration from diverse sources, for example, what’s in season, local ingredients, travel experiences, restaurant dining and personal recipe research.
  • Transparency is a fundamental principle on Nourish and Tempt. Danijela will disclose sources of adapted recipes, crediting them appropriately.
  • This transparency also extends to sponsored content or partnerships, ensuring you can trust Nourish and Tempt’s recommendations.

Recipe Testing

  • All recipes on Nourish and Tempt are rigorously tested before publication, ensuring accurate measurements, cooking duration, taste, and texture for the success of home cooks of all levels.
  • While a nutrition information panel isn’t provided for recipes, Danijela utilises her professional nutrition expertise to create recipes that are nutritionally-considered, meaning they’ve had careful consideration of their nutritional aspects. Therefore, if a recipe specifies that it’s ‘high-fibre,’ it has been crafted so a serving is considered high in dietary fibre. A third-party software program is used to accurately calculate any nutrition information.

Feedback and Corrections

  • Nourish and Tempt is a safe space, committed to inclusivity and respect. While constructive criticism and diverse perspectives is valued, comments that are disrespectful, hateful, or offensive will not be tolerated and will be promptly removed.
  • If you notice something that doesn’t seem right or you’d like it reviewed, please contact Danijela at danijela@nourishandtempt.com.

This policy was last updated on February 29th 2024