Workplace Wellbeing Nutrition Seminars

A thriving organisation relies on the wellbeing of its workforce.

Elevate your team’s understanding of nutrition through fun, engaging and easily digestible seminars, presented by a seasoned NZ Registered Nutritionist.

In today’s day and age, navigating the world of nutrition has its challenges. With endless information about different diets, food trends and nutritional supplements at our fingertips, it can be difficult to know what’s reliable.

By providing employee nutrition education, your people will gain trusted knowledge and tools to make informed, healthier lifestyle choices at work, and beyond.

Drawing upon nearly a decade of diverse professional experience in people-facing roles, these seminars will meet your people where they’re a on their journey, deepen their understanding of nutrition and equip them with actionable strategies that they can immediately incorporate into their day.

Live or Virtual Workplace Nutrition Seminars in NZ (and Beyond!)

Choose from two signature seminars:

1. Nutrition Hacks for Busy People

Packed with actionable tips and tricks, this dynamic seminar centres on practical solutions to navigate common dietary challenges posed by modern lifestyles, like time, budget or convenience. From meal planning to maximising nutrition on a budget to optimising office or at-home workspaces, explore actionable ways to incorporate healthier choices.

2. Good Mood Food: Eating for Mental Health & Performance

Explore the fascinating realm of how nutrition impacts mental health. Whether you’re seeking to elevate productivity, boost energy or simply enhance overall wellbeing, this seminar uncovers the link between nutrition and mood. Learn practical strategies, with science-backed insight, to empower your people to make conscious food choices for sustained energy and mental focus. Great for the high performing workplace!


How long are your presentations? 1 hour (40-45 minutes presenting + 10-15 minutes Q+A). It’s recommended to allocate a full hour slot to allow time for your people to move between appointments, get a drink or bite-to-eat, switch context and settle in. Seminars can be shortened, if desired.

Where are you based? Auckland, New Zealand. For in-person nutrition seminars outside of Auckland, additional travel fees apply. Otherwise, all seminars have been adapted to be presented virtually.

Do you offer bespoke seminars? No, Nourish and Tempt currently offers only two signature seminars. These have been mindfully crafted to resonate with a broad audience. However, the built-in Q+A session is a great place to ask specific nutrition questions.

Do you allow for your seminar to be recorded? Yes. To maximise your investment it’s important for employees to have access to a recorded session in case they weren’t able to attend (or would just like to watch it again). However, please note that recordings are strictly for internal use and must be securely stored during a predetermined period. Nourish and Tempt retains full intellectual property ownership rights.

Do your rates differ for community not-for-profit or charitable organisations? After many wonderful years as a community nutritionist, I’m passionate about accessible nutrition information. Your business or organisation may be a candidate for a reduced or discounted rate. Specific eligibility criteria applies and is granted at the full discretion of Nourish & Tempt.

How do I find out about pricing? For more information on pricing, please email me at

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