Caramel Apple

Caramel apples, your new favourite (arguably virtuous?) autumnal treat. They’re common around Halloween and fall season, and are a sublime flavour-texture match – the chewy soft sweet caramel balances the crisp tart apple perfectly.

Caramel apples are prepared by taking an apple, inserting a long stick into its bottom end, rolling it in hot caramel, then allowing it to cool. Apple-wise, crisp apples, like Granny Smith, are recommended over grainer-textured varieties.

A Kraft employee named Dan Walker is credited to their creation, which came into fruition somewhere in the 1950s. Supposedly, he was experimenting with soft caramels leftover from Halloween, and one thing led to another. Kraft, who sells small individually wrapped caramels, still print their recipe for caramel apples on the back of the bag today!

I had my caramel apple experience at Grandma’s Diary Candy Store and Ice Cream Parlour in Boulder City, Nevada.

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