Onigiri, the traditional Japanese rice balls, are a must-try snack when travelling in Japan. These portable and readily available snacks can be found at convenience stores throughout the country and are perfect for a quick breakfast or light meal on-the-go.

Unlike sushi, onigiri is made with plain or salted rice. It’s often stuffed with a delicious filling before being shaped into a thick triangular wedge and (sometimes) wrapped in nori aka seaweed. The end result? One aesthetically pleasing, and darn delicious, little package.

During our travels in Japan, we fell in love with onigiri. We found ourselves reaching for them time and time again, whether as a quick energy boost before exploring the city or as a satisfying snack to enjoy on a long train ride. Once you’re on the onigiri bandwagon (bullet train?), you won’t want to hop off.

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