Homemade Pasta


Surely the crème de la crème of foodie-fun; you’d be hard-pushed finding a more immersive experience than crafting fresh pasta from scratch in the motherland itself!

During a traditional pasta-making experience; delight in preparing your very own dough, rolling and thinning it incrementally with aid from simple machines or tools. Follow this with a crash course in whipping up a delicious sauce, to toss with or spoon over the freshly cooked pasta – your fork will be begging to dive in!

Passionate and skilled teachers are plentiful across Italy, with regional differences in approaches likely. Soak up and enjoy hearing all about the preparation, beloved nostalgia and historical importance of one of the most iconic foods ever to be synonymous with a country!

We did our pasta-making experience in Rome, at a local Italian’s apartment next door to the Pantheon. Here, we prepared and cooked three-kinds of pasta – carbonara, ravioli and spaghetti – then ate bottomless bowls, washed down with a big glass of red wine. Heaven.

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