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(Updated 06/23/24)

Welcome to the April's edition of Recipe Club! This month, we're celebrating the unsung hero of the soup world: vegetable soup. This version is creamy, full-bodied and guaranteed to be a hit at your table. While vegetarian, it can be easily tweaked to fit a vegan diet.

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Welcome to Nourish & Tempt’s Recipe Club. This friendly competition is all about encouraging you to have fun in the kitchen, while trying something delicious, nutritious and new.

Meet Recipe Club

Every month, I’ll handpick a recipe from Nourish & Tempt. The recipe will showcase a nifty culinary technique, and spotlight a nutritional aspect, to help grow your kitchen skills and understanding of nutrition.

You can make the dish for your eating pleasure alone, or enter to win the monthly competition. Check out April’s recipe and prize details below.

How to participate

  1. Make the challenge recipe and take a photo of the completed dish
  2. Email your entry to recipeclub@nourishandtempt.com with the subject line “Recipe Club Entry”
  3. Entry must include your name, where you live and the photo of the completed dish
  4. Submissions close on the last day of the month.

Check out the Recipe Club FAQ for full challenge details.

March Recap

The randomly selected winner of March’s Recipe Club was Lily from Australia!🇦🇺

Congratulations Lily, and a big thank you to those who gave March’s recipe a go. As always, I absolutely loved seeing your photos.

April’s Recipe

This Creamy Blended 6-Vegetable Soup is devine. Wholesome and satisfying, it features a medley of nutritious vegetables—six kinds, to be exact—making it a legitimately great way to boost you, or your families, vegetable intake.


  1. Building great flavour with a mirepoix. A mirepoix is not just a combination of veggies (onions, carrot, celery); it’s also a culinary technique to build a foundational flavour base in cooking. This recipe follows the principals of a mirepoix, but substitutes leek for onion.
  2. A neat (lesser-known) benefit of fat-rich foods. A little bit of nutrition science – fat-rich foods help the body absorb soluble fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). Including them in this soup (whether butter and cream, or olive oil and blended cashews), along with the vitamin-rich vegetables, will help our body better utilise these nutrients.
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Creamy Blended 6-Vegetable Soup
Head over to the recipe page to make this recipe for the challenge!
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The Prize

April’s prize is a Scanpan Coppernox Stock Pot 24cm/7.2L (RRP: $349NZD). This large pot is perfect for making stocks, soups and stews, or boiling enough pasta or vegetables to feed a crowd. It’s a real beauty – I love it for its:

  • High-quality construction. Designed in Denmark, this pot boasts meticulous engineering, featuring premium materials for durability and a great cooking experience.
  • Exceptional heat distribution. With an innovative copper-bonded base, the pot offers rapid and even heat dispersion, eliminating any pesky hot spots that could impact your cooking. Craftsmanship meets innovation!
  • Designed with ease in mind. It features a drip-free pouring rim for mess-free serving, stay-cool silicone handle coverings to prevent burn, inside capacity markings for easy ingredient measurement, and a convenient tempered glass lid so you can effortlessly monitor your dish as it simmers away.

Best of Luck!

I hope you enjoy this dish, and most importantly – happy eating.

Danijela xx

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