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(Updated 06/02/24)

Welcome to the March edition of Recipe Club! This month we're making one of the most popular recipes on the blog, and my personal favourite - a delicious banana date loaf. Using fruit alone as a sweetener, and without sacrificing on taste, this recipe is the epitome of Nourish and Tempt.

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Welcome to the March edition of Nourish & Tempt’s Recipe Club. This friendly competition is all about encouraging you to have fun in the kitchen, while trying something delicious, nutritious and new.

Meet Recipe Club

Each month, I’ll handpick a recipe from Nourish & Tempt that anyone can make. The recipe will showcase a nifty culinary technique, and spotlight a nutritional aspect, to help grow your kitchen skills and understanding of nutrition.

You can make the dish for your eating pleasure alone, or enter to win the monthly competition. Check out March’s recipe and prize below.

How to participate

  1. Make the challenge recipe and take a photo of the completed dish
  2. Email your entry to with the subject line “Recipe Club Entry”
  3. Entry must include your name, where you live and the photo of the completed dish
  4. Submissions close on the last day of the month.

Check out the Recipe Club FAQ for full challenge details.

February Recap

The randomly selected winner of February’s Recipe Club was Roxy from New Zealand!

Congratulations to Roxy, and a big thank you to those who entered this month’s competition. I absolutely loved seeing your snaps!

March’s Recipe

This Nutritious Banana Bread Loaf with Dates is one of the most popular recipes on the blog, and for good reason. Sweetened with fruit, and fruit alone, there’s no extra maple syrup, honey or granulated sugars added – I promise this leaves it sweet enough.

You’ll learn through making this recipe:

  1. Using fruit as a standalone sweetener in baking. Getting the right balance of sweetness in fruit-based baking can be a challenge, and often calls for additional sweeteners. This recipe, however, just celebrates fruit. Here, a few culinary techniques are used, such as mashing banana and preparing a quick date paste, to infuse an even sweetness throughout.
  2. How nutrient-dense ingredients can be used to improve texture (and taste!). This recipe swaps out some flour for almond meal to create a rustic, moist texture (the latter due to its higher fat content). Greek yoghurt replaces traditional butter or oil, helping boost moisture, while also activating the baking soda (thanks to its acidity)—resulting in a lighter and fluffier texture.
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Nutritious Banana Bread Loaf with Dates
Head over to the recipe page to make this recipe for the challenge!
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The Prize

This month I’ve partnered with the wonderful Le Creuset on a baking lovers prize pack. Up for grabs is a brownie tray, a 3-piece utensil set, a chef’s apron, an oven mitt and a loaf tin (RRP: $361). Le Creuset is my favourite brand to cook and bake with—here’s why:

  • Exquisite craftsmanship. The French cookware manufacturer is renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, perfected through a long history dating back to 1925. Each piece is made with precision and care.
  • High-quality materials. Celebrated for utilising premium materials, such as cast iron and stoneware, its products are synonymous with durability and outstanding cooking performance.
  • Timeless aesthetic. She’s a beauty! With classic silhouettes, vibrant enamel hues, and a commitment to both form and function, the brand’s cookware possesses timeless appeal that welcomes itself into any kitchen.

Best of Luck!

I can’t wait to see your entries for this one. I hope you enjoy making the recipe, and most importantly – happy eating.

Danijela xx

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